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Advertising on Facebook: A window opens for business

Facebook is the largest social network worldwide. Not surprisingly, the network is growing at a monthly rate of about 10 million people worldwide. Crowd of people across the planet have not hesitated to jump on the bandwagon of new social networks, thanks to the incentives it provides in terms of social relations, entertainment, etc. 

Mark Zuckerberg's company, according to data provided by the company, currently has over 650 million users’ worldwide assets.

This data is a good example of the importance for social networking companies like Facebook when capture leads. 

First, we note that the U.S. social network generates huge profits, thanks mainly to the revenue generated through advertising. This means that companies that want to consolidate and expand are inescapable on Facebook to showcase in increasing their market shares.

The benefits that can bring to any company advertising on Facebook are largely untold. So much so that, today, there is no major company that has no presence in the largest social network in the world.

The presence of any company on Facebook can capture leads and, more importantly, establish a customer base in terms of tastes, preferences and lifestyles (what is known in the Anglo-Saxon terminology as targeting).

Through social network, companies can have market information valuable in order to attract potential customers. The disadvantages of not establishing a marketing strategy focused on Facebook and social networks are also innumerable.

First, the company has no presence on the social network will be for many business customers and outside obsolete technological and social innovations. In addition, one important disadvantage of not using the social network Facebook as an advertising medium is loss of control of the Company, and that although a particular company does not have many followers, the very fact that there is in Facebook serves as speaker get to know more and better products and proposals.

In short, Facebook serves companies so they can improve their presence in the market and as a very effective way of retaining potential customers, which is essential in the present times.

Author: Amlan Maiti
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Small and medium companies in Facebook

Although not the original purpose of Facebook, the Internet giant has become a very suitable platform for SMEs.

The social media marketing has developed significantly in recent years has shown the benefits it can bring to those who make intelligent use of this great showcase. These are some of the benefits of trade and communication enjoyed by companies on Facebook.

Facebook has the merit of having centralized many services that use the Internet: send and receive messages, reported as a means of communication or, commercially, the latest developments of an online store. So what they get the business on Facebook is to sneak into the everyday consumer, be part of your routine.

This raises a lot of positive values? In the user: closeness, trust and empathy are some of them. With a good strategy, social media marketing, the image of the companies on Facebook can be much improved in this way.

Another of the great benefits that, the companies on Facebook is that achieves high customer loyalty. If a user clicks the 'Like', are applying to know the developments taking place with respect to that company. Equivalent, as it were, to subscribe to a newsletter as part of a strategy of email marketing.

The option 'Share' is one of the details that increase the commercial success of the companies in Facebook: if one of the fans share content published, broadcast will be giving the message to their friends, so that a company not only reaches his followers, but also can make to others. Promotional campaigns with potential viral or special offers can be very content shared on Facebook.
For all this, the social media marketing is a tool increasingly used by SMEs.

If you want more information, please contact us and we will advise you on how you can make good use of Facebook for your business.

Author : Amlan Maiti

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Organic Search, what is and how it benefits your business?

AimIT Software

The Organic Search has arouse the curiosity of the strategists of internet marketing , as it has become one of the main ways in which Internet users locate what they are looking for within the millions of sites that live on the web.

Strategy to achieve digital marketing success, you should optimize your site so that it is search engine friendly. The Organic search refers to the position of your site in the listings of search results that made?? A user, this classification is defined by the search engines. Unlike other digital marketing strategies in which money is invested for the best position, the successful Organic search is achieved through effort, time and above all, knowing how to facilitate the exploration of your site by engines searches.

The exponential growth of the web sites has complicated the way people search for the information you really need or want. In these circumstances it is useful when given to search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN, it is through them that Internet users can find what they want, be it information, products, services, people, and so on. Your site is surely result in Organic Search engine pages but can be buried behind the first place, hundreds or even thousands of places behind.

To improve its position in the result listings of search engines, you can go to a certified consultant in SEO, which will assist with technical and actions in order to improve your score on the Organic Search. One of these actions is to improve the content of information provided. Today content is of great importance in the search results, timeliness, how is the central theme, are among the criteria used by search engines to position websites.

Author : Amlan Maiti

Tag : internet marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, ppc

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