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7 Quick to local SEO for Google Pigeon

Google started to roll out the latest update of its search engine out. The new update has been nicknamed Pigeon, and following the previous two that were called Panda and Penguin. Unlike previous updates, Google has not announced anything out officially, but has confirmed that the rollout of the update started on 24 July.

The update is all this time on local searches and are not intended to punish suspicious Internet sites, as was the case with Penguin.

A Google update in brief:

Google has not provided any information about this update, but we can see what happens to our locations. Many local results have disappeared from certain keywords, among other lawyers who live by bringing an action cases experienced that they disappear from the results.

We can see that the pages have been notified to the service " Yelp "has increased in the results. The company Yelp living of user reviews of places have complained to Google about their sides never appeared on the search results page - it seems that Google has been listening to them since the Yelp results now appear on the search results page when you search locally.

The update suggests that local pictures can give you additional impressions; when you see a location on Google Maps, you see sometimes also pictures from locality - you can put pictures of good quality into your business and thus achieve greater visibility.

There is something in the air:

What does this mean for you? Pigeon directed against the local search results, even though the changes in the SERPs seems to be quite significant, remains the basic principles of local SEO the same. So here are some general recommendations for your local business to get better Google exposure.

·         Make an individual Google+ Local page for your business

Creating a Google+ Local page for your local business is the first step to be taken up in Google's local index. Your second step is to verify your ownership of the location. This typically involves receiving a postcard / letter from Google that contains a PIN that you must enter to complete verification.

·         Select the correct category for your Google+ Local page

If you wish to appear in the local results for a search like "buying auto in kolkata", your company must be categorized as a dental practice. If it is categorized as a chartered accountant, you have no hope of being shown on your important keywords.

·         NAP (name, address and telephone number) on your website should match NAP on your Google+ Local page.

We will look at the site you have linked to from your Google Places / Google + local side and cross-references to the name, address and telephone number of your business. If all elements fit it works optimally.

·         NAP consistency in all your business listings

Make sure your company name, address and phone number also is consistently listed in local directories where your business is listed. Different addresses listed for your company, for example. Yelp and TripAdvisor can put your rankings on Google seriously down.

·         Large number of positive customer reviews on Google+ Local page and to third-party sources

The number of positive reviews have a proven impact on the rankings in local search results. So be sure to encourage happy customers to write positive reviews of your business. We appreciate the newly updated content, so fresh reviews count more against a good location than the old reviews.

·         City or region included in your website's title tags.

Another important factor in your "local" landing page is to have the city or region you are targeting your side against the inclusion of the local listing's title tag.

·         Product / service keywords in the business title

It is also believed to have the name of a core product or service in your company name can give you some advantages over competitors that lack this.


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