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Google+ the social network you cannot miss your business

Why Use Google+ for your business?

It's true that Google+ has not had or still has the popularity of other social networks like Twitter or Facebook, and for that reason may seem senseless to create a page of our business in this social network. But contrary to this perception, if you have a company, it must be present on Google+, and not only that, but also be proactive and promote interaction with other users of this social network. Remember, to create a professional page, you must first create your personal profile.

But why is it important to our business's presence in g+?

Very simple, it's all about positioning. It's true that Google+ as a social network cannot be compared with figures from Facebook in terms of users, but the importance here is not based on varying number of followers, but in better positioning in the search engine most used by users Google.

For it is not enough just to create a professional website, but there are a number of key points to achieve it.

  • 1.       Fill data of company page

It is important to fill out your profile with all your business data, such as phone number, web address, e-mail address, slogan, etc.. Be sure to use keywords, ie words for which can be found on your company profile to perform the search leads through Google.

  • 2.       Do not forget to post frequently

A page without updated publications will decrease your position in Google searches. Post engaging content for users who share interests with you at a frequency of one or two daily post.

  • 3.       Participate in communities

Communities can be compared to Google+ Facebook groups. But while these have been directed more towards leisure and entertainment communities are characterized by g+ professional connotation. Search communities of the same professional sector and with the same interests. For greater visibility and reputation as an expert and professional brand in your industry, publishes them valuable content and interact with members commenting articles, evaluating content, participating in professional discussions, etc...

  • 4.       Use the circles

Circles are a good tool to segment your followers, so you can have an exclusive circle for your clients, one for your employees, suppliers, etc... This way you can communicate with a circle in concrete without wasting time in search, for example, your customers among your followers.

The values quoted in this article are some of the most important points to keep in mind when building your business profile. But this social network has more specialized tools that can be helpful to increase your visibility, and are also frequently updated.

After knowing the importance of your business have a presence on Google+, what you're hoping to create a professional site?


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