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SEO Trends In 2015 For Google Search Engine

The SEO in 2015 will not change much compared to the current year, will introduce some new features, but few surprises.

At this time of year much bloggers to submit articles begin with the title that I bring today. Of course, all are assumptions based on experiences over the years and none have the magic wand to know what they are up in Google, or whether Yandex or Baidu will decide to come into force in other countries, such as Spain, although it is unlikely, you never know. However I got my crystal ball and I encourage you to make some predictions for 2015 SEO.

In the last year Google has renewed and made up many applications, presenting in some cases major changes, although this is not relevant for the SEO, the fact is that this is the trend in Google, always updated, always innovating and renovating.

SEO Trends In 2015

More relevant to authors

As far as SEO is concerned, one of the biggest bets of Google was the Author Rank or authorship in which he would value the authors of the post, presenting pictures of them in the SERPs of Google, but this year 2014 took the decision to remove anything that results call attention to the rest of the results, including these pictures because it was pretty easy to handle by users.

Probably should not have taken this idea to the head, and although the destination remains the same have changed the roadmap.

Content Quality

In connection therewith, the big G appreciates more and more quality content, extensive and accompanied by audiovisual media that retain visitors reducing bounce rate.

The great challenge for search engines is to provide interesting content for users at the time they are looking for.

SEO on page

Google rewards increasingly more SEO on page and the original good content but is still unable to read the texts. It is therefore very important to structure the contents well and use h1 tags, h2, bold ...

Social SEO (SMO)

The guys from Mountain View have devoted much effort to get more active users for its social network Google Plus , although the takeoff was tricky, there is increasing activity in this network due to some extent benefit SEO, but the pubic generally do not yet understand how Google Plus works.
And speaking of social media , my experience in the past year has shown me that having an increasing role. Google uses social networks to scale to know that content are most interesting and shared.

Mobile Traffic and Local SEO

Mobile traffic is growing, quite possibly in 2015 mobile search surpass desktop search.
And of course, more and more resources dedicated to become absolute monopoly of mobile navigation betting heavily on Geolocation.

Quality links and authority

A few years ago it was not difficult position based comment on blogs with links and was discharged in many directories and search engines.

Now Google's efforts focus on combat strategies Tiered Link Building, our friends in Silicon Valley are fighting tooth and nail to remove this tool of our heads.

This technique, combined with the purchase of high authority expired domains still providing great results, but if not done carefully get caught and your site will die in hell.

Domains exact word

Regarding the EMD ( exact Domains with keyword ) is another practice that Google is removing value gradually. Recently, it was very easy to position in promeros Google results for a word using an EMD.

And how do we measure the authority of a page?

It's been several years since Google removed its bar the Page Rank , a tariff always denied it was crucial to position a page, but when the truth was a great reference since they were themselves which calibrated.

Today, the best reference we have to measure out the authority of a page is the PA and DA, but also have other references to Alexa Rank, Ahrefs ...

Google Panda and Penguin 2015

We all know that Google has a zoo of horrors that complicates life for the SEO worldwide, but also makes them more exciting.

The work of Google Panda is to filter the contents of original quality for positioning at the top and sweep the bad content.

Meanwhile Google Penguin has the difficult task of assessing whether a web hosting links are natural or acquired.

There is no doubt that during 2015 these precious Google algorithms will be refined and come out to bring order to the SERPs with increasing frequency since Google is working to consume fewer resources.

CRO, and Conversions

Finally I will take this post to talk about a subject that haunts me to work for improving conversions and CRO.

More often than I'd like to see pseudo experts worried sick about driving traffic to your blogs and websites regardless of its quality, but do not care at all its CRO and completely unaware that look into Google Analytics.

It's not about getting millions of hits and then has a bounce rate of 80% or more, less is always better and become more visits.

One problem with SEO is that traffic is often not quality and CRO is very small. A blog that leaves you 3000 Euro clean a month is an achievement, but it takes many years and much effort is always better to develop projects that can advertise on Google Adwords, since those 3000 Euro can get on a much shorter time scale.

And these are my predictions for 2015 SEO , And you who you think will happen?


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Forcing Not Read The Browser Cache

Many people browse the Internet, but few know the existence and support provided by "caches" for Internet browsing, and thanks to them we get a much quicker to some services access and also save resources in most cases .

Theoretically, according to Wikipedia a cache is a storage area dedicated to the retrieval of frequently used data at high speed , but really a cache goes beyond and more in the area of Internet.

The browsers keep a cache with static files downloaded from the websites: images, HTML pages , CSS files , javascript files , etc...

Forcing Not Read The Browser Cache
Forcing Not Read The Browser Cache

It is usually beneficial browser cache because the user will get a much faster load website after accessing the website for the first time , and server resources will save bandwidth and process by not having to spend the same files again and again.

But when you're developing a website or making modifications , can the browser cache bother us, because it may be that they can not see the changes instantly.

Using some simple HTML tags you can force to the visitor's browser does not note the browser cache, it is also useful when we have a website that is very updated and the browser cache difficult for us to process.

All we have to do is enter one of the following tags in the HEAD , ie, between the tag <HEAD> tag and </ HEAD> :

<Meta http-equiv = "Expires" content = "0">
<Meta http-equiv = "Last-Modified" content = "0">
<Meta http-equiv = "Cache-Control" content = "no-cache, mustrevalidate">
<Meta http-equiv = "Pragma" content = "no-cache">

With this, the client browser will no longer take into account the cache you saved earlier.

In WordPress , to add room tags in the HEAD must edit the template or theme , namely we must edit the "header.php" file where the tags <HEAD> and </ HEAD> from which we get one of the above lines .

You can also force an application developed in PHP to not save browser cache, so we must use the following code in the PHP file loaded:

<? Php
header ("Cache-Control: no-cache, must-revalidate"); // HTTP / 1.1
header ("Expires: Sat, July 1, 2000 05:00:00 GMT"); // Date in the past

This will be sure that the cache is reset on all Web browsers and proxy http visit the site.

If you have a problem with the browser cache on your web site or want to implement browser cache correctly on your project , Contact Us today and we'll tell you.


Comments are moderated, I will delete abusive comments. The rules are as follows. Only civilized conversation is permitted on this blog. Criticism is not quite correct, language is not rude. I do not have any comment which is spam, delete any or abusive language, personal attacks against.