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Experiments in HTML5: digital racing tracks

Innovation labs are filled with stunning creation and ideas. This is the case for Chrome Experiments, created for developers to unleash their imagination and present their best experiments for Chrome. The common denominator is that they all have been developed using HTML5 , Canvas , SVG , and WebGL . There are really imaginative work, but has drawn our attention especially the so-called " Racer ", an ode to the endearing  Scalextric that lets you play with 5 players together so many mobile devices ( smartphones, tablets ) on a track that is spreading all screens. There loops, curves, straight super-fast, etc. But beware, controls the speed or your car will leave the track.

Do not be fooled, even a game and mobile use, not an application that you can download from Google Play is a Chrome extension that is played directly in the browser.

The project is so complete that even the music played in the game is created on purpose by the artist Giorgio Moroder , who innovate disco in the 70s and currently works with famous bands such as Daft Punk.

Feel the speed and share a fun game that will take you back to childhood, but with the technology.

Developers in this video we show how they have managed to realize this project.

Have fun, and experiment on!

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