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Social Bookmarking Site helps SMO Service

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a technique of generating the popularity of a website from side to side social media.SMO is the most excellent habits to get traffic to a website. This can really pick up traffic to a website and also free of charge. SMO services are also identified as web 2.0 marketing. Some of the important social bookmarking websites is Twitter, digg, Delicious. I share some social bookmarking site; it helps to get better SEPR for your Site.

List of Social Bookmarking Site:

1. A1-Webmarks

2. Agroots

3. Bibsonomy

4. Blinklist

5. Blogmarks

6. Blurpalicious

7. Bmaccess

8. Bookmark

9. Bookmarktracker

10. Bookmax

11. Buddymarks

12. Citeulike

13. Cloudytags

14. Connotea

15. Corank

16. Delicious

17. Designfloat

18. Digg

19. Diigo

20. Dizzed

21. Dropjack

22. Dzone

23. Easybm

24. Favoor

25. Folkd

26. Freelink

27. Givealink

28. Gozoof

29. Hanzoarchives

30. Kaboodle

31. Linkagogo

32. Linkedin

33. Linkroll

34. Linkwad

35. Metafilter

36. Memotoo

37. Mobleo

38. Multiply

39. Murl

40. Myhq

41. Mypip

42. Mylinkvault

43. Mysitevote

44. Myweb

45. Mywebdesktop

46. Netvouz

47. Newsvine

48. Oyax

49. Ping

50. Pligg

51. Plurk

52. Rambhai

53. Reddit

54. Sitebar

55. Sitejot

56. Slashdot

57. Sphinn

58. Socialadr

59. Solinkable

60. Stumbleupon

61. Stylehive

62. Technorati

63. Thoof

64. Tumblr

65. Twitter

66. Weblogin

67. Webshare

68. Whitelinks

69. Yahoo

70. Zotero

71. Zurpy

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How To Get Most .Gov Backlinks

Getting backlinks is an integral part of doing SEO work. It’s what makes you visible to Google and other search engines and it’s probably the largest part of the job of doing SEO. However, the most valuable of backlinks definitely are those elusive .gov backlinks. These links are the kind which comes from government websites and they are considered to be the “Holy Grail” of the SEO world. Here are five ways to get them:

Before I begin though, for those not familiar, there is a raging debate on the value of .Gov backlinks. Some people claim that they are inherently valuable because Google ranks them more highly simply by virtue of being part of a government site. Others say that they aren’t inherently more valuable, but that because .gov sites tend to get lots of backlinks themselves, they tend to be worth more in terms of “link juice.” However, what is definitely not in question is that .gov links are coveted and hard to get.

The simplest way to get .gov backlinks is an idea I wrote about a number of months ago and which I found on the SEOMoz blog. This was basically where you would write a blog post about a government agency or politician and then let them know about it. Often, these people would then respond by mentioning you on their website.

The problem with the method above is that it’s not all that sure fire, especially if it’s a well known politician or organization (i.e. you are more likely to get a backlink from your local councilman than you are from the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee).

However, one method which is 90% guaranteed to work is to get a government contract. The advantage of this is that a government agency will almost always issue a press release mentioning who they’ve contracted with and including a backlink.

One great source of .gov backlinks which many people overlook is the local tourism board. Often, a city and or state will include information for tourists and locals which mentions special deals for locals or for limited periods of time. You can also get a link for offering deals to tourists who find you through the site. For example, NYC.Gov offers a huge tourism portal which includes links to things to do, places to see and special deals all over the city.

Believe it or not, most government agencies do have blogs, even though it’s not particularly well known. I found a list of government blogs and found that many of them do allow commenting. Of course, in most cases these will be no follow, but no follow links do have some value too. Plus, a handful of these are still set to do follow. You just have to sort through the list and post relevant comments.

Finally, a number of foreign governments also maintain .gov sites. For example, there is and for the United Kingdom and China. The same techniques can be used for these sites as well and may well be easier to do because these sites have fewer hits from people looking for .gov backlinks than American government websites.
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Google Algorithm Change

On Feb 27th and 28th Google  Algorithm Change.

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What Is SEO?

SEO, the shortening for Search Engine Optimization is a great method to get a specific website ranked in search engine in order to draw the user's traffic to the search engines to access the website. In other words, SEO means advertising any website on search engines. The more a website ranks higher on search engines, the more users are drawn towards it and it gradually gives upgrade to a business as well as fulfills the needs of visitors as website is not only a source of information but a medium to list the products on internet. The nature of every sort of business is different and for online dependent business, SEO is exactly like an umbrella in the rainy season, in the age of competition SEO is the powerful tool to move ahead in business. 
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Low Costing on Web Promotion Packages

Low Costing on Web Promotion Packages
·        SEO and SOCIAL Specialist
·        Project Manager
·        Content writer
On Page Optimization:
·        Website Analysis
·        Competitive Analysis
·        Find the best keywords after Research
·        Making proper title with most important keywords
·        Proper Meta Keyword Tags
·        Add keyword to Alt Tags of Images
·        Google Site map Create, Analytic and submit to webmaster
·        Content Fixing Suggestions
 Off Page Optimization:
·        Search Engine Submission
·        Directory Submission
·        Article Submission [Unique content]
·        SEO Social Bookmarking
·        Blog Posting
·        Press Release Submission [Unique content]
·        Classified Submission
·        Social Media Account and Profile creation.
·        Social Media Marketing
·        Friend, creation.
 I Will Provide:
·        Weekly keyword position report and Analytic
·        Monthly details report.
·        Suggestion for SEO related betterment
Cost:               USD 150 Monthly.
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