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Internationalization 360 for your business

Professional opportunities are increasingly global. Internet is here to stay and pushes us to internationalization. If our approach ignores the reality of business in which we develop our ideas and business models, has its days. All business model is international in essence, although we do not realize. The barriers to internationalization are many and the road is not easy, but unfortunately one of the most significant barriers ourselves . As individuals and professionals have an obligation to live and do live internationalization naturally, without prejudice, without fear, as an obligation and a responsibility; . from the family in our society and from our companies India is a country with great advantages for internationalization : English is one of the most spoken languages in the world , we receive every year more than 65 million foreigners who visit us, and also live within our borders million people of other nationalities. Multiculturalism is wealth. Internet , although not universal and free for now, can greatly if we manage exponential development tools. An approach to internationalization 360 causes reflection to detect new opportunities in such obvious aspects as:

  1. Training online multilingual.
  2. The sources of business intelligence.
  3. Electronic commerce.
  4. The servicing of foreigners in Spain.
  5. The services to expatriates.
  6. International funding.
  7. European programs and projects.
  8. The positioning online SEO and SEM worldwide.
  9. International web sites.
  10. Finding partners from other countries.
  11. Multicultural teams of professionals.
  12. Foreign suppliers.
  13. The export.

And I put exports in late position because I think it is always a result of an internationalization strategy, just as a good professional of our times must be a person that forms on the internationalization 360. The international talent must be developed from the cradle and each of us have a responsibility to promote it, for our own good and that of our businesses. One need only remember that China produces annually nearly 7 million graduates ... The talent is global, lest we forget.


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