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SEO Manager Resume

Amlan Maiti

PERSONAL DETAILS                        
Sex:                   MALE             
Date of Birth:   17.05.1989             
Nationality:      INDIAN
Phone No                    :  09932243837

Email                          :

Permanent Address :    C/O - Dr. Asok Kumar Maiti
                                      Vill. – Jotkeshab,
                                      P.O. – Palaspai,
                                      P.S. - Daspur
                                      Dist.- Paschim Medinipur
                                      Pin - 721146


1.      SEO Manager and Website Developer at Webzemini Software Pvt. Ltd (April 2012 – Present).

2.      SEO & Social Marketing Executive at Aslog technologies Pvt. Ltd (October 2011 - March 2012).

Responsibilities Handled: 

·         Client handling experience both at domestic and international sectors.
·         Work closely with Project Managers and other members of the Development Team to develop detailed specification documents with clear project deliverable and timelines.
·         Extensive experience in SEO, SEM, SMO and Internet Marketing.  


As a Programmer

C, C++, VB, VBScript, Java, JavaScript, HTML + CSS
PHP, Dreamweaver, etc.

As a SEO Manager

Reputation management, SEO, SEM, SMO
Blog Marketing, Press Releases
Article Marketing, Blog Development
Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools
Google AdWords, etc.


M.Sc. (Computer Science)
Vidyasagar University
B.Sc. (Computer Science)
Vidyasagar University
H. S. (10+2)            


1.      Transport Management System.
2.      Intelligent-Agent based Information Push Mechanism.


·         CERTIFICATE: The Computer Literacy Program, Government Of West  Bengal in 2005


1.      NEXT GENERATION COMPUTING (30th – 31st March, 2010) Organized By Dept. Of Computer Science (Vidyasagar University).
2.      QUALITY ASSURANCE IN REACCREDITED INSTITUTION (27th – 28th September, 2010) Organized By National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).


Operating System
Extra Skill

LANGUAGES KNOWN: Bengali, Hindi and English
OTHER INTERESTS:  Coin Collection

Date:  04.12.2012



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Email marketing for small business

The email marketing is an online tool that can generate a very positive effect for small businesses, mainly in terms of promotion and sales, provided they are used correctly.

Here are some key aspects when drafting emails and newsletters quality.

The first thing is to be clear what is and what the benefits of email marketing are. This term refers to the business strategy of a company that uses email as a means to communicate with customers, potential or actual.

The main advantages of email marketing are two. On one hand, it is very economical, especially when compared with mail campaigns, which have shipping and printing quite high, but they disappear in an instant to realize them virtually.

Moreover, this email marketing is a guarantee that your message reaches people, because behind each email address a user's query your inbox regularly.

In these emails may include varied content, such as the launch of a new product or announcing a special offer. In this case, the positive effects for the business can be immediate, i.e. more sales.

Other content that can be included is the latest information on a particular topic or sector that has been published in online media or blogs. In this case, the effects are long term and seek customer loyalty.

If emails are sent regularly, it’s called newsletters. And one of the desired objectives is precisely to create these newsletters subscribers, it is a way of knowing that the recipient is interested in and want to receive emails. You could say it is the equivalent of a subscription to a print magazine.

It is important not to abuse the email marketing because it can cause the opposite effect and generate customer tiring rejection of him. It should be borne in mind that this strategy is not just a way to sell, but of loyalty.

Finally, another key aspect is the consent of the recipient. Send emails to people who do not want to receive not only counterproductive but also in commercial legal level, it could be breaking the law.

Therefore, managing a successful campaign of email marketing depends on many factors.

Contact us and we will advise on how to develop an appropriate strategy for your business.


Comments are moderated, I will delete abusive comments. The rules are as follows. Only civilized conversation is permitted on this blog. Criticism is not quite correct, language is not rude. I do not have any comment which is spam, delete any or abusive language, personal attacks against.

How to Promote Your Website?

How to Promote Your Website?

Instead of spending huge amounts on advertising on the internet that it is much cheaper to rank higher for your chosen keywords on the major search engines organic search results. Search engines send robots known as web crawlers index the content of your web page, and based on the content being indexed along with some other factors, the results of the positions will be determined. Get a better job placement for specific keywords in organic search results are called "search engine optimization" (SEO). Some of the steps that should be performed for SEO are given below:

Write high density Keyword Title Page

Write a descriptive title for each page with a higher density for keywords you want people to find you. Use 5 to 8 words, eliminate as many "filler" words from the title (such as "the," "and," etc.), and while still keeping it readable. The page will appear hyper-linked title on the search engines when your page is found. Put this on top of the web page between the title tags, so it will be displayed in the blue bar at the top of your internet browser.

META Description Tag

Some search engines also includes Meta description below your hyperlinked title in the search results. The description should be a sentence or two describing the content of the webpage, using the main keywords and key phrases on the page you are optimizing. Do not include keywords that do not appear on the website. Place the Description META Tag at the top of the web page.

Remove the common words, leaving only the significant keywords and phrases and put those in the keywords META tag.

Include Your Keywords in Headers H1, H2, and H3...

Search engines consider keywords that appear in the main page and sub heads to be important to the page. Make sure your desired keywords and phrases appear in one or two header tags. Use keywords in the H1, H2, and H3 tags to provide clues to the search engine.

Position Your Keywords in the First Paragraph

Search engines expect that your first paragraph will contain the important keywords for the presentation to page content. Google might expect a keyword density in the entire body text area of Maybe 1.5% to 2% for a word that should rank high, so it should not be overdone.

Use Keywords in Hyperlinks

Search engines look for clues to focus on your webpage. When they see hyper-linked words in your body text, they consider these potentially important, so hyper-link your important keywords and key phrases.

Create Sitemap

Site Map page that links to all your pages can help search engines and visitors find your web pages, especially if you have a larger site. Google Webmaster Central has many tools to help you get ranked higher. Try this one and set up a free account and explore what they have to offer.

Develop web pages Focusing on each of Your Target Keywords

SEO experts now recommend using external doorway or gateway pages, since nearly duplicate WebPages might get you penalized. Rather, develop several WebPages on your site, each of which focuses on a target keyword or key phrase for like high grade.

Linking Strategies

Links to your site from other sites drive additional traffic. Also, Google and other major search engines consider the number of incoming links to your website ("link popularity") as an important indicator of relevance, more links will help you rank higher in the search engines. Google Page Rank has called measure that reflects the number and quality of incoming links. Not all links are equal. Links from trusted, popular sites help your site higher degree.

Submit Your Site to Key Directories

Directory of Associate will help your ranking - and get you traffic. A directory is a search engine. Rather, it is a hierarchical listing of sites sorted by category and subcategory. Directory yahoo directory is important. Marginal directories, however, come and go very quickly, making it difficult to keep up, so do not try to be exhaustive here. Beware of directories that solicit you for "upgraded listings." Unless a directory is widely in your field, a premium ad is a waste of money - but the (free) link itself will help boost your Page Rank and therefore your search engine ranking.

Publishing Blog

Start a blog on your website, conducted on your own domain. If you offer excellent content and regular industry comment, people are likely to connect with it, increasing your site Page Rank.

Paid Advertising Strategies

If you want to increase your business more quickly, come shortcut by paying for more traffic. Advertising is sold in one of three ways:

  • Traditional CPM (cost per thousand views)
  • Pay per Click (PPC)
  • Cost per Action (PPA)

Banner ads get such a low click-through rate (0.2%), banner ads typically cost about 50 ¢ to $ 1 per thousand page views, except on targeted sites.

Hopefully this will help you create a good traffic for your website.


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Small and medium companies in Facebook

Although not the original purpose of Facebook, the Internet giant has become a very suitable platform for SMEs.

The social media marketing has developed significantly in recent years has shown the benefits it can bring to those who make intelligent use of this great showcase. These are some of the benefits of trade and communication enjoyed by companies on Facebook.

Facebook has the merit of having centralized many services that use the Internet: send and receive messages, reported as a means of communication or, commercially, the latest developments of an online store. So what they get the business on Facebook is to sneak into the everyday consumer, be part of your routine.

This raises a lot of positive values? In the user: closeness, trust and empathy are some of them. With a good strategy, social media marketing, the image of the companies on Facebook can be much improved in this way.

Another of the great benefits that, the companies on Facebook is that achieves high customer loyalty. If a user clicks the 'Like', are applying to know the developments taking place with respect to that company. Equivalent, as it were, to subscribe to a newsletter as part of a strategy of email marketing.

The option 'Share' is one of the details that increase the commercial success of the companies in Facebook: if one of the fans share content published, broadcast will be giving the message to their friends, so that a company not only reaches his followers, but also can make to others. Promotional campaigns with potential viral or special offers can be very content shared on Facebook.
For all this, the social media marketing is a tool increasingly used by SMEs.

If you want more information, please contact us and we will advise you on how you can make good use of Facebook for your business.

Author : Amlan Maiti


Comments are moderated, I will delete abusive comments. The rules are as follows. Only civilized conversation is permitted on this blog. Criticism is not quite correct, language is not rude. I do not have any comment which is spam, delete any or abusive language, personal attacks against.